How Much?

It's usually the first question we hear.


How come so much?


Is usually the  second question we here.



Recently we were asked; How do you justify the price for your dogs?  Justify?
In many, many ways, you get what you pay for. 

First, our dogs are not bred at random.  We purposely pick them to enhance the breed, not just to have puppies.  We breed for Temperament as well as color.   A high drive dog may be bred with a laid back one.  If a dog is found to have traits not beneficial to the breed or breeding, it’s spayed/neutered.

Only the highest quality dogs are used for breeding.  Females are spayed when we decide she is done breeding. Loving homes are found for our dogs once they are removed from the breeding process. 

We bring in dogs from around the World to further enhance the breed; shipping alone generally costs more than our per puppy price.   We have brought dogs in from Canada, Europe - (Germany), and the USA from the most reputable breeders.  We are always looking at purchasing the highest quality dogs we can find to further enhance what we offer to you.  The cost of one of these dogs can be as much as what a full litter would bring in.

Puppies are born inside our Professional Whelping house with us at our dog's side the entire time, to ensure the safety of mom and puppies. We assist the mom throughout delivery, ensuring that each puppy gets the essential colosterum that he/she needs to thrive. This process can take anywhere from 6-12 hours and is generally during the middle of the night. We often have pillows and blankets on the floor beside the whelping box so that we are there even in between puppies. The safety of our dogs is of the utmost importance.   We provide heating or cooling to maintain the necessary 80 degrees to ensure that a healthy environment is maintained for the puppies at all times. As the puppies age the temperature is regulated to meet their needs and comfort. 

We have a facility back-up generator that automatically turns on in the event of a power outage within 20 seconds of power loss. Keeping the heating/cooling system, lights, heat lamps, heated floors, and everything else working as it would normally.  
We are currently going through the process of having our entire Kennel certified OFA and DNA so you know that you are getting the best dog you possibly can.  This adds to the price. We offer a guarantee of 30 months for free puppy replacement.  Will those once a year or once in a lifetime breeders do that?
Before you pick up your puppy it will have seen the Veterinarian, had its first shots, be wormed, and micro-chipped for easy identification.
Puppies will have been desensitized in much the same way the military desensitizes their dogs. They are handled many times throughout the day. They will have had their first bath and their nails trimmed numerous times. You will find that your dog will be calm during most normal household noises or disturbances.   They are introduced to pots clanging, Television, fireworks, gunshots, and machinery noises from the time they are born until you take them home. 
The food they eat is of the highest nutrition.  The puppy mash includes ingredients such as condensed milk, yogurt, fresh eggs, and nutritional supplements as well as high quality puppy food.  We use 4-Health grain-free puppy and dog food.  
The Supplements we use are NuVet Plus.  According to NuVet: NuVet® products are made in a FDA approved laboratory with all natural, human grade ingredients specially compounded to deliver the most effective nutritional health benefits. Utilizing the latest advances in medical and nutritional science, they apply state of the art manufacturing technologies to help maintain a standard of product quality and integrity that is virtually unheard of in the pet industry.


We so believe in the quality of NuVet that we have included it into our contract's 30 month guarantee requiring the puppies to receive it for the first 30 months.   We require this to ensure the highest nutrition for YOUR puppy during it's most important growing phase.   Would you expect a guarantee on a car that you refused to maintain or change the oil?   How can a breeder of integrity, offer a guarantee and not care about how you raise your pup? The pups quality of life is our main priority. 


Our breeding stock lives in a professional kennel, cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter.  Each dog has a private bedroom. The runs are cleaned as needed, which means more than once a day.  It's not a run down barn like many of the back yard puppy mills in the area have.  We run a business, and will never apologize for working hard to ensure the best quality for our Dogs, in housing, nutrition, and vet care; after all, Our dogs become YOUR dogs.


All our dogs are played with and exercised daily. Our puppies are socialized with the adult dogs so they learn their own boundaries with other dogs. 


Each dog, puppy and adult, is brought into our home regularly where they are played with, exposed to everyday household noises, and crate trained.  All learn to be calm within the home. 

When a one time or part time breeder tells you they have an AKC registered German Shepherd dog for $2 or $300 dollars, you now have a grasp on WHY they’re so cheap.  Many puppies are born in barns or sheds, never handled or exposed to outside environments, crates or other dogs. Most of the above simply is’t done.  They couldn't afford to sell for that price if it was.


What is a quality dog, free of bad genetic traits,  with a great temperament, worth to you and your family? 


We offer dogs in various affordable price ranges. All puppies are treated the same and offer the same guarantee.   The Price scale is based on the parents pedigree.  For family pets we generally give you one high quality dog for the price of 2 and a half of those cheaply priced dogs.  


The choice is yours...