One of our NEW additions, arrived from Europe, October 2010.






OFA Good


Gracy has been retired and placed in a loving

forever home. We will miss her dearly.


European Papered Import German Shepherd.

Daughter of World Champion Gorby Schwartzwald

Gracy Photo 1


An awesome pedigree including

World Champion Seger Ursus Batu

as well as

9 other World Champions along with

the famous Top 10 dog Dux Della Valcuvia.


Her pedigree also includes an amazing 32 VA's

and 19 VA1s in the first five generations!


She just earned the SG8 Show Title

for conformation for the youth category

in the National Seger Show!

(SG - Sehr Gut: Very Good; an official German show grade and

the highest obtainable by dogs under two.)


(Her Pedigree listed below.)

Gracie is getting ongoing training,

look for the latest reports on her progress!

Gracy's Parents



Gorby Schwartzwald


SchH1, IPO2, AD, BH, KKL1,

A stamped elbows and hips.


(KKL1 means highly recommended for breeding.

VA -Vorzuglich Auslese: Excellent Select,the highest attainable award

by a German show dog and granted only at the annual Sieger Show.)

MOM: V rated Viernheimi Roxy:

VA2 Indo Daughter!!!


SchH1 (VK1), HD1 best hips, ED1 best elbows, BH, AD, KKL1, HD1


(V - Vorzuglich: Means Excellent in

German Confirmation Title.)




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