Retired Dogs

(This page is currently under construction.)


As some of our dogs age or for other various reasons, 

they are retired from breeding. Some are kept during 

their elderly years, while others are placed in forever homes.

Viernheimi Gracy


Gracy was placed with a wonderful large family and has established herself as reining princess! We are delighted that she has earned her certification as a therapy dog, bringing even more joy to her family. We will always love Miss Gracy!



Athena Vom Grunenfeld

Elsa is 100% West German lines with an amazing pedigree. She is rich black and red with a very luxurious plush show coat. She is sweet and very much a velcro dog that wants to be with you everywhere you go. She is presently pregnant with pups from a West German Male named Axil. (Her page is under constrcution),


Young Future Breeding Females



Sassy Mocha Von Carlson

Mia is a loving female with excellent maternal instincts.  She loves attention and will stay close to you around the home.  She minds well.  Her confirmation is good with a black and Tan coloring.




Athena (Retired)

Athena Vom Grunenfeld is OFA good, has a gorgeous vibrant red and black short coat and has a outstanding pedigree. Pretty mello, she loves to play ball and hang out with Pascha who seems to be her soul mate, always playful and loving, she is also is loyal and will alarm when strangers approach. She has a wonderful easy going personality and is an exceptional mom to her puppies. She produced large big boned pups with big heads, exceptional rich red color. We may hold back one of her pups from her next years litter. She was bred in June for September puppies.  She is the Grandmother to our Stud Titan!