Puppy Tail Page!



The gangs all out and

it's lots of puppy kisses for daddy.


Mufasa gets along great with the  kids.


Getting lots of help cleaning.

So much for that roll of paper towels!

It's a feasting frenzy

three puppies high! The poor guy at the top usually ends up rolling down to the bottom of the puppy pile,

just to start all over again.

Yellow at the top is one of the three males, now two weeks old. Orange stripe and red stripe are both females.

Red girl, now up and walking,

at two weeks.

The first three pups, nursing

and awaiting the rest.

It's a great day for outside adventures!


Everyone is very busy

unrolling the paper towel -  what fun!

Time for an after-brunch nap. Notice how the third one from your right, on the bottom of the pile, has a thicker coat. That is orange boy, largest of the males and his coat will probably be heavier like his mothers. Green collar in the middle is also a male who has very distinct nice markings.

Cinnamon with her litter of 9 puppies.

They are all doing well.

Sex: 6 Females and 3 Males.

What a crew!

They are soooo cute! Their eyes are open!

Colors and Markings

German Shepherd puppies are born almost completely black. Their markings will change dramatically within the first few months as they continue to grow. Today, 8/24/2010 the puppies are exactly one week old. Puppies are blind and deaf from birth. Their eyes should open between days 8 to 13 and ears generally open by day 20.


You may be surprised to hear that these little ones are already barking tiny puppy barks and attempting to wag their tails.



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Why should your puppy be microchipped?


The microchip is an extremely small computer chip in a glass capsule. It is placed under the skin with what looks like a syringe. There is little or no pain involved and it can be scanned immediately with a hand-held scanner. The number on each microchip is unique and will stay under the skin for the life of your dog. Once you register it with the microchip company, your dog is protected from loss or theft. If scanned by an animal shelter or vet your pets identification can be easily detected.


Since no form of identification is perfect, it is still important not to allow your puppy or dog to roam free. He could become lost or injured. It takes many hours of training to teach a dog to be off leash even in the presence of the owner. Never assume that it's OK to let them run.