Puppies at new homes


Here's some pictures of new puppies at their new homes. We look

forward to seeing pictures of the puppies as they grow.

Previous Athena Pascha pup 2012,

photo fall taken 2013 Zoey is owned by Adreanna.

(Photo above is previous Cinnamon & Pascha pup.)

"Clutch Spice Von Carlson the best investment in a friend we have ever made (picture  2013 - 8  months old).  He is doing great and getting BIG  but he is such a gentle guy."

Koda Bear above is a Athena & Pascha puppy born March 2012.

Owned by Rebecca, from Remus, MI

"Hi Diana and Mark,


       Ranger  is doing well. He is gaing 3 pounds a week eating Blue Buffalo large breed puppy dry food. He received his next series of vaccinations and another dewormer.
He is responding very good to training with the sit,stay,down,and come commands. He responds well to traing treats of fruits and vegetables but even better to praise.
Ranger exhibits confidence. Looks like your decision to mate Queenie to Greer was a wise decision.
       On Thanksgiving he introduced himself to our extended family and thrived on attention. He behaved great with the newborn and the toddler as well as the young children and adults.
       Ranger gets along with everyone he meets.
       Almost forgot, Ranger has been assuming watch dog duty since he arrived here in Westland.
       At our property in Presque Isle county, once Ranger got used to the ground being covered with leaves he started tracking.

       We will keep you posted on Rangers' progress.

Tom & Sue"


December 1, 2012 (Ranger is from Queenie/Greer August 22, 2012 Litter)

Kaiser (the two photos shown above) is also an Athena & Pascha puppy born March 2012.


Hi Mark & Diana,

Robin and I just wanted to let you know Kaiser is doing  AWESOME!!!

We just started our second level training class and things are coming along great.

We have the verbal commands down pretty good (Basics). we are working on basic hand signals now....woohoo!.


Kaiser can be a little stubborn at time. but, never the less the love of our lives.

We try to walk him as much as possible at least 3 to 4 time a week minimum depending on the weather. We went to the Vet the other day, he is 6 1/2 months and weighting in at 73lb.

I have attached a few pictures of our baby boy. 


Owned by Jimmy and Robin, from Remus, MI

Last years Pascha and Nikita puppy. (Photo above.) Owned by Brian L.

Sasha Aurora, still a pup in training for Saginaw Search & Rescue. She loves children as shown here at a Public Event, then below in training. Sasha is a Cinnamon puppy.

Mitch & Chet  both Cinnamon Spice/Mufasa puppies from spring 2011

(Mitchel and Chester) at home in Petoskey


"Diane and Mark -

Thank you soooooooooooooo much for the puppy!  We renamed her Ziva, and she's such a doll!!!!!  She's a great fit for our family and she's really taken to our toddlers.  Wherever they are - she's got to be, and the kids are so gentle with her. 

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - we sure did!



November 28, 2012, Owner of Ethel from the Athena/Pascha, I love Lucy Litter born Sept. 22, 2012.


Clutch Spice Von Carlson the best investment in a friend we have ever made (picture 11/10/2013 - 8  months old).  He is doing great and getting BIG  but he is such a gentle guy.

Rango  the 4 photos Above

Nikita & Pascha Pup born January 2012.

Top 3 photos are 4 months old

The third photo is about 9 weeks.

SOPHIE aka Victoria from August 2012 Twilight Litter

The Queenie/Greer Litter

  At her new home with Elen.

"She is so smart, she was housetrained in a week and learned how to sit in two days. She is good on the leash and seems to just absorb what you want her to learn. She picks up on things very fast." Elen
Max (picture above) owned by Sarah & family,
from Feb. 2011 litter. Shown at six months old.

Titus  aka Jasper (Above photo.)

At his new home with Rochell.

"He housetrained easily, not even one mess in the house. He stays right with us.

We love him so much and he's part of our family now." Rochell, Nov. 2012

Kardos Family Dog Max

Zar's best friend Zoey.

Madde at home.


KO at his new home.

Charlie, Owned by Rachel & family, born Feb. 2011, shown here at six months old.

Rachael: "Very smart! He already knows sit, shake, lay down and the two most important - stay and where's Beau (our five year old daughter)."

"Duke, has been the greatest addition to our household. He is such a wonderful dog and everyone adores him. I am debating on buying another puppy from you this summer/ fall."

Andrea, Traverse City, MI. Dec. 2011

Sasha kickin' back and then shown with her new Saginaw Search and Rescue Vest.

Charlie DeTar

Zar is 25 lbs!




Madde, aka Orange Stripe, 

tired out

at her new home in South Bend, IN

Madde with her friend Cassidy,

who she likes to give lots of kisses.


She's already registered with the AKC with her new name.

Duke at home south of Traverse City

Skittles at 6 months old, from Spring 2011 litter.

Owned by Jennifer and her sons.

Raven's Grace Summer 2011 Mia litter.

Peppermint Patty (Bailey) one of Cinnamon's Candy litter from February 2011, now living in Gaylord, MI.


Charlie from Feb 2011 candy litter, getting huge at only 10 months. Shown Dec. 2011.

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know Charlie (aka nestles crunch) is doing just fine. He is a very sweet, kind, friendly, well-behaved dog and smart too!!! We enjoy having him as a part of our family and couldn't imagine it without him! We are constantly being complimented on his appearance and manners. Thanks again for making Charlie a part of our family! :)"

Katie M. from Saulte Ste. Marie, MI

Diana, Star is doing very well!  She is very much a lap puppy, she is very happy when I sit on the floor so she can climb in my lap and sleep.  K.O. is doing well with her he really wants to play tug-of-war with her and she does try but the size diffrence is a little one sided!!!  We are really happy with her and the vet says with the size of her feet she will probably be a big girl so watch out K.O.


Sally, Gaylord, Adopted a second Carlson puppy. 8/2011