Welcome to the Payment Page

(Read paragraphs below prior to making a deposit.)

You can make your deposit or pay the balance owed with the click of a button.  You don't need a paypal account and you can pay with your credit or debit card.  An additional 3% will be added for associated charges.


*** Remember, deposits are non-refundable but are transferrable, to another available litter or available adult dog. When you make a deposit you are agreeing to these terms.

*** As part of our puppy sale contract,

we now require our kennel name "Von Carlson"
to be "part" of your new puppy's AKC registered name.
This is a very common breeders requirement, as well as useful to us in tracking our dogs now and in the future.

You may add to the kennel name "Von Carlson" but your name should be unique if possible. This is part of your legal contract, signed and dated by both parties at the time of puppy purchase.When you make a deposit you are agreeing to these terms.

(An example =  would be if you wanted to name your dog Titan's Thunder, you would need to add Von Carlson, so the entire name would be Titan's Thunder Von Carlson.)

We accept personal checks, Cash, and Money orders for Puppy deposits.


We do not accept personal checks for final pick up unless they clear the bank prior to pick up.


We are now accepting electronic payment here online. Just click the correct button to make your deposit or pay your balance in full.  


Reserve your puppy today to guarantee your pick.

Use this button to make payments in $100 amounts

When booking a Stud you can pay in full in advance, currently $850.00  or Take the 1/2 & 1/2 option and pay $425.00 before the breeding and $425.00 after conception is proven.

If the breeding is through artificial insemination the bitch owner is responsible for all extra costs associated with the AI. (Vet fees, shipping, etc. )

The $850.00 fee is for fertile semen only.



Full Price for Limited Registration
Djanna   $1,500.00
Mia              $1,095.00
Elsa             $1,095.00
Sassy           $1,095.00
Kia               $1,095.00

Full Registration Prices.
Mia               $2,500.00
Elsa              $2,500.00
Sassy       Unavailable                         
Kia              $2,500.00 
Djanna        $3,500.00                        


$200 Puppy Deposit


Females generally are limited registration, not for Breeding.


Puppy Pay off + 2% transaction fee.

$425 - 1/2 Stud fee, to start the process. 
The Button Below is for payments of $500.00 (+ 2%)
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Button Below is for $300 + 2%

Puppy deposits are non-refundable but may be changed from one litter to another.

The deposit guarantees or "rents" your spot on the list ahead of others. This itself is of value.  Your deposit is then deducted from the price of the puppy at the time of pick up.