Our Breeding Females

(This page is currently under construction.)


Here are some pictures of our breeding females for the 2015 year.

Not all of these females may have successful breedings.

Keep watching our home page for the latest news.

Maya Von Kolek


Maya is our good sized straight back girl, who has produced large pet quality puppies. She has a short black and red coat. She has produced very large big boned pups with both short and plush coats. A great mom, Mya loves her babies and is extremely patient and careful with them. She is always by your side ready to bump your hand with her head so that she can get petted or hugged. Very loyal and loving, she is  the ultimate family companion.



Mia is a loving female with excellent maternal instincts.  She loves attention and will stay close to you around the home.  She minds well.  Her confirmation is good with a black and Tan coloring.
Elsa Vom Krueger

Elsa is 100% West German lines with an amazing pedigree. She is rich black and red with a very luxurious plush show coat. She is sweet and very much a velcro dog that wants to be with you everywhere you go. She loves to play and is eager to please. She is presently pregnant from our handsome stud Titanium Avenger. (Her page is under construction),



Kia Von Carlson is a pretty red and black short coat girl, with a sweet quiet personality. Pretty mello, she loves to  hang out with Mario who seems to be her favorite play mate, always super loving, she is also is loyal and will alarm when strangers approach. She has an wonderful easy going personality and is an exceptional mom to her puppies. She has produced large beautiful pups with big heads.  

Sassy Mocha
Sassy Mocha is a large plush coat, black and tan saddle back AKC German Shepherd. She is very sweet, loving and loyal. Sassy's parents are old style, straight backed, large bone shepherds with her dad weighing about 100 lbs. She has a beautiful headset and earset. A very impressive girl, she is very dainty and well behaved in the house. Not a hyper over active girl, she  has moderate drive, loves to play with her favorite boy Edge, giving him constant kisses. 
Young Future Breeding Females

Lola Von Carlson

(aka "the TANK")


Look for:

1.) New West German Import


2.) New Young